Bolton Alliance Church 

Nobody's Perfect, Everyone's Welcome, Anything's Possible.

We are convinced everyone craves community, whether they realize it or not.

People find community in many places, but our desire is that community can be found even in someone's pursuit of spirituality. We don't really care what stage of the faith journey you're on.
It might be your first time to church, you might even have been gone for a long time. Maybe you're disenfranchised and dragged along as a kid, recovering from a bad church experience, or just straight up agnostic.

Our message is WELCOME. Our hope is that we can even grow together. Everyone's welcome, because nobody's perfect, but anything is possible. We hope to be a resource that helps you on your spiritual journey and the discovery of your purpose that we ultimately believe comes from understanding who Jesus is and how that can radically change your life.

We have a specific vision for our community and beyond. Our mission is catalyzed around three simple core values. Build Family, Teach Truth, Reach Needs. We know schedules are busy so thanks for honouring us with your time... looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.